Robson Kirsteen Look and Find.

Цена: 1439 руб.


A wonderfully illustrated puzzle book teeming with dinosaurs to spot, count and match. An activity book children will want to share and scrutinize with friends and family.

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Hawcock Claire Mad About

Цена: 340 руб.


Mad About , from Ladybird, is full of dinosaur facts! Are you mad about dinosaurs? From food and fossils to herds and horns, this book is packed with fascinating facts and key information for all young dinosaur enthusiasts. Also includes a link to fantastic downloadable Mad About posters. Ladybird's Mad About series is all about giving its readers all the facts they could possibly need about their favourite subjects. Get ready to impress all your friends with all your new knowledge! Look out for Mad About Bugs and Mad About Sharks, too!

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Peppa Pig: Let's Pretend! Sticker Book

Цена: 804 руб.


What will Peppa and George be today? Wizards or astronauts? or fairies? Teachers or doctors? Play pretend with Peppa and her friends in this fun sticker scenes book and imagine all the different things they could be! With lots of big stickers for little hands.

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Priddy Roger

Цена: 560 руб.


From the ferocious T. Rex to the spiky Stegosaurus, Smart Kids is an amazing introduction into the world of dinosaurs. Ideal for early primary schoolers, this reference book features photographs of dinosaur models as well as incredible facts for kids to help with school projects and amaze their friends with. With over 30 stickers just for fun, this paperback book is a must-have for kids who love dinosaurs.

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Knapman Timothy Go Christmas Shopping

Цена: 938 руб.


My Christmas is for presents fun and Santa Claus, I'd never want it spoiled By naughty dinosaurs. When a group of unruly dinosaurs threaten to ruin Christmas, one little boy decides to take charge. Will the dinosaurs listen? You bet they will! after a lot of sorting, cleaning and tidying, it's very clear that this will definitely be the best Christmas ever. Hooray for the dinosaurs!

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Peppa Pig. Peppa's Gym Class. Board book

Цена: 560 руб.


Exercise is fun, especially when it's at Grampy Rabbit's jungle gym class! Peppa and her friends use their imaginations to explore a crocodile-infested swamp and escape from dinosaurs with Grampy Rabbit.

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Gardner Charlie

Цена: 864 руб.


Start a lifetime of learning with the First Facts series. First Facts introduces children to the world of reading, with lively illustrations and simple text to help build confidence and development. Bursting with fun dino facts and figures, children will love flicking through and learning as they go. Questions such as what did dinosaurs eat? and where did dinosaurs live? are answered. Fun and educational, these books are perfect for home-reading where children can indulge in their interests - a valuable teaching aid for both parents and teachers.

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Frith Alex My Very First Book

Цена: 1438 руб.


They hunt! They eat! They fight! This charmingly illustrated book is a perfect way for little children to find out about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, from the horned Triceratops and huge Brachiosaurus to the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex. With lots to spot and talk about, from how big and small dinosaurs were, to where they came from.

Тетрадь Для Контрольных Работ По Географии 8 Класс

Hibber Clare Children's Encyclopedia of

Цена: 1444 руб.


Step into the prehistoric world with this comprehensive visual encyclopedia, packed with more than 60 well-known dinosaurs. Full of fascinating facts and dramatic, specially commissioned illustrations, and based on the latest paleontological research, this is a definitive A-Z of dinosaurs-from Allosaurus to Zuniceratops.

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Jurassic World Park Dinosaur Raptor Protection Zone compatible legogy friends Building Blocks Set Kids Toys Juguetes

Цена: 1563.15 руб.


Япония Энциклопедия Для Детей

New Screaming Tyrannosaurus Rex Toys Electric WIth Sound Effect and Light Phone stand For Chidlren Gifts

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Цена: 393 руб.


An amazing giant poster filled with over 50 children's favourite dinosaurs including fascinating facts and quiz questions. Discover the wonder and complexity of the prehistoric world with this giant, colourful dinosaur poster perfect for any bedroom wall or classroom. From Argentinosaurus to Triceratops and Pteranodon to Mosasaurus, discover the characteristics of the different types of dinosaurs and the features of flying and marine reptiles with Findout! Poster . The questions challenge and increase children's knowledge and they can discover some amazing facts. This visually spectacular giant poster measuring 602x1008 mm will challenge children to develop their knowledge, ask questions, and increase their curiosity for these fascinating reptiles in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for little learners in Key Stage 1 and 2.

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